Professor Guoqing Shen of Shanghai Jiaotong University visited Jiangsu University
        Invited by school of the Evironment, professor Guoqing Shen from Shanghai Jiaotong University paid a visit to Jiangsu University and gave a wonderful report on the theme of ‘Soil combined pollution and biochar mediation techniques’ in the lecture hall of School of the Environment on 30th Mar, 2012. Many graduates and teachers were present, including professor Xiangyang Wu, dean of School of the Environment and Jianzhong Sun, associate dean of School of the Environment.
In the report, professor Shen introduced in details the defination, characteristics, quatum express methods and Hormesis effect of soil combined pollution and the role of biochar in the mediation of soil combined pollution and so on, which provided us very important guidance and reference in soil mediation study. During the whole process of the report, both the faculty and the students have been intrigued greatly with the Hormesis effect and biochar techniques, which lead to not only many active questions but also patient, wise and farsighted answers. Everyone attend has gained a lot.
Guoqing Shen, professor of department of Resource and Environmental Science, Shanghai Jiaotong University. He has long engaged in the research on environmental toxicology and pollution control technique. His focus mainly on the following field: (1) quantitive token of combined pollution and biomediation techniques, (2) Hormesis effect on low-dose poisonous substance, and (3) the environmental behavior and ecological effects of biochar. He successively presides or involves himself in one “973 Plan” (National Program on Key Basic Research Projects), one “863 Plan” (National High-Tech Research and Development Plan), one scientific research specific for public welfare, one key and three general programs suported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, and more than ten Shanghai City Program, etc. He also published more than 40 research papers in academic journal both at home and abroad, including Environmental Pollution, Chemosphere. Moreover, he was granted 8 national patents for invention and given 9 provincial and municipal Science and Technology Progress Award.
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