A new adjunct professor on the board at Jiangsu University
    Dr. Laigeng Li jointing on the board of faculty members at Jiangsu University as an adjunct professor and presenting his world-level research advances in biofuels Research
    Upon the invitation by Dr. Jianzhong Sun, director of Biofuels Institute of Jiangsu University, Dr. Laigeng Li, a research fellow of the Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, who majored in molecular genetics and biotechnology was invited to visit our campus and also honored as adjunct professor position on October 21, 2011 in the conference center at Jiangsu University. Prof. Xu Huaxi, vice president of Jiangsu University, awarded Dr. Laigeng Li the employment certificate as an adjunct professor and congratulates him to join on the board at Jiangsu University. Dr. Jianzhong Sun, associate dean in the school of the environment at Jiangsu University, hosted this ceremony and the subsequent seminar.
     A seminar titled as “Beyond the barrier: Biofuel from lignocellulosic Biomass” was offered by Dr. Laigeng Li, in which he summarized the research advances in the identification and regulation of the synthesis of the cell wall polymers in poplar tree. Moreover, Dr. Laigeng Li also introduced his genetic modifications of wood quality for biofuel production. After seminar, Dr. Li further discussed with the audience for some concerned issue regarding the modification of plant cell wall for easy degradation processing. After seminar, Dr. Li also visited Biofules Institute at Jiangsu University, and discussed the potential collaborations with Dr. Sun, director of Biofuels Institute.
    Dr. Li is one of the active and frontier scientists in the area of molecular genetics and biotechnology of plant cell walls, particularly in the area of cellulose and lignin biosynthesis and manipulations. His visiting activity at Jiangsu University would offer an opportunity for us in the field that both of us are interested for further collaborations.

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