Dr. Fengjie Jin visiting Jiangsu University and present a world-level research advances
    Upon the invitation by Dr. Jianzhong Sun, director of Biofuels Institute of Jiangsu University, Dr. Fengjie Jin, a research fellow of Noda Institute for Scientific Research, Kikkoman, Japan, and majored in molecular biology, particularly in chromosome engineering of Aspergillus oryzae, was invited to visit our campus on October 13, 2011 in the conference center at Jiangsu University.
    A seminar titled as “Advances in chromosome engineering with Aspergillus oryzae and the breeding of high performance strain” was offered by Dr. Fengjie Jin, from which she developed the efficient multiple transformation systems of A. oryzae and the application technology with these systems in the use of industrial areas. Moreover, Dr. Jin also illustrated the genetic modifications of the multiple transformation systems to make them more suitable for the production of exogenous proteins, such as lignocellulases. Dr. Jianzhong Sun, associate dean in the school of the environment at Jiangsu University, hosted this visit. After seminar, Dr. Fengjie Jin further visited our Biofules Institute of Jiangsu University, toured the facilities and discussed the potential collaborations with the faculty and graduate students.
    Dr. Fengjie Jin get her doctor degree majored in molecular biology from Tokyo University. She is one of the active and frontier scientists in A. oryzae research and its molecular manipulation, who has long been engaged in this area. And her visiting activity at Jiangsu University would offer an opportunity for us in the field that both of us are interested for further collaborations.

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